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Aiming for Perfection Since 2012 


Fun Fact — JECTZ® derives from the word PROJECTILE, we add the Z for originality. 

PROJECTILE Definition: an object fired from a gun with an explosive propelling charge, such as a bullet, shell, rocket, or grenade. 

Since 2012, our mission is to deliver the finest quality, most unique handcrafted bullet jewelry in the world, straight to your front door. 

Take a shot and get a bang for your buck! Our bullet jewelry is handcrafted in the USA with a lifetime guarantee.

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Our Bullet Jewelry is crafted with the following details:

○ Jewelry made with real once fired recycled bullet casings

○ Jewelry custom made with your choice of options

○ Bullet caliber of your choice, choose under options

○ Gem of your choice, view Gem Chart

○ Bullet Jewelry made with genuine solid sterling silver, stamped .925 or Stainless Steel

○ 100% Lifetime Guarantee

○ Shipped in a protective pouch and jewelry box

○ Proudly handcrafted in the USA