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 PROJECTILE Definition: an object fired from a gun with an explosive propelling charge, such as a bullet, shell, rocket, or grenade.

Fun Fact  JECTZ® derives from the word PROJECTILE, we add the Z for originality.

A True American Official Brand

JECTZ® Bullet Jewelry is handcrafted in the USA with once fired bullet casings and shells that we collect from the Avid Shooter, Military, and Police that “Ignites” an important conversation about “saying thank you to the Avid Shooter, Our Troops and Law Enforcement.” Making the most Authentic Bullet Jewelry Ever Made.

Encouraging all Americans with a distinctive way to honor the men, women and families who have dedicated their lives to our safety and freedom. We aim to build a brand that symbolizes GIVING THANKS, and ways for every American to give back and show their pride and gratitude.

Pay Respect to the Best who have made it to the Top, and shine light on those who are trying to get there

We acknowledge the dedication, the sacrifices, as well as the ferocity of the lifestyle everyone chooses each day to excel in the world today. Regardless of the dream or goal, our brand represents them all! Choosing JECTZ® says you believe in Authenticity.

Our products are harmless with no live ammunition or gun powder.

JECTZ® Products are not loaded ammunition! Our products are modified and cannot be chambered in a firearm and/or fired! It is a fashion accessory only.

Get the jewelry everyone's after.

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