JECTZ® Bullet Jewelry Gift Set

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Explosive jewelry set all in one! JECTZ® shows you a great way to get a bang for your buck by adding this gift set into your bullet jewelry collection. Bullet Jewelry Gift set includes - One Dragonfly Bullet Necklace and One Pair of JECTZ® Original Stud Bullet Earrings. Our dragonfly bullet necklace is crafted with hidden rings creating a clean and seamless finish in genuine solid sterling silver. Reserved for those who pay attention to simple detail, great weight to it. Pendant measures 1.5 inches tall from head to tail by 2.25 inches wide wing to wing.  A first is always worth remembering! Existing from the beginning is our genuine solid sterling silver ear posts and backings creating our original studded earrings handcrafted for women, Stamped .925. JECTZ® Original Bullet Earrings are comfortable, lightweight and solid earrings to wear, Pairing the Dragonfly and Stud Earrings makes the perfect bullet gift. Showcasing your choice of bullet heads is a statement, wearing them, Perfection!